Drone Flight Operations, Fleet and Compliance Management for Business

FlyFreely provides a fully customisable platform to manage all aspects of drone flight operations, fleet management and compliance management for any sized organisation in any jurisdiction

Fly your way with FlyFreely

Whether you conduct all your own operations, fully outsource, or a combination, Flyfreely makes sure you have streamlined procedures and compliance on one common platform.

I manage and approve my own RPAS operations and need a solution to manage regulatory compliance, risks, operations, contractors and integrate with other applications.

I want FlyFreely to help us manage our RPAS operations by providing regulatory approvals and mentoring.

I want to outsource operations to a trusted application specialist who can deliver me actionable information specific to my industry.

 Advantages of the FlyFreely Platform

Built to adapt

The drone industry is changing at a tremendous rate. Enterprises spend significant resources and time trying to determine the best operational model (inhouse, outsource, hybrid) only to find once they start they need to change direction due to changes in the market or technology. One of the many strengths of the FlyFreely platform is that an Enterprise can start with one operational model and swiftly change to another or even use combinations of models, depending on how business conditions evolve.

Built to scale globally

We built the FlyFreely platform with the ability to scale across different regulatory environments, thereby removing a key constraint on the use of drones by industry and multifaceted organisations. Our unique Jurisdiction, Authority and Workflow system allows an Enterprise to set policy centrally. This gives confidence that organisational policy, as well as local rules and regulations, will be adhered to, regardless of who owns or flies the drone.

Built to connect you with industry leaders

The drone ecosystem has many specialists who have developed amazing industry specific solutions. This includes insurance providers, hardware providers, drone control software providers and data analytics providers. Traditionally, it has been difficult to combine these market leaders together to build a coherent end-to-end solution that works for your Enterprise whilst connecting with your existing systems. The FlyFreely platform leverages our partner network to help you build a scalable, world class solution for your organisation.

“The FlyFreely platform is the lowest risk way for any enterprise to adopt and scale drone usage across the globe”

Dr. David Cole, Founder and CEO

Reduce Regulatory and Business Risk

Whether you conduct all your own missions, manage external partners or both, FlyFreely provides one platform for:

Operations planning

Preflight and post-flight checklists

Pilot and team management

Fleet management

Flight logging

User training

Maintenance tracking

Insurance management

Vendor management

Regulatory compliance

One platform for operations and compliance.

FlyFreely lets your team plan, manage, and log their flights, as well as simply build and integrate additional processes specific to your organisation right into the platform.

Our platform leverages our team’s extensive industry knowledge and partnership network. Users can access Operations manuals, directly link insurance right into the platform, and, in some regions, even utilise our range of exemptions to expand available operations.

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