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FlyFreely - Commercial Drones Made Simple
Townsville City Council
Watpac - Townsville

What Our Customers Are Saying

"...By the time CASA was in a position to process our ReOC, we had been operating under FlyFreely for 6 months.

We evaluated the level of service and the product that we received from FlyFreely and decided to cancel our ReOC application.

The freedom, exemptions, aviation knowledge and framework FlyFreely provides means WAM can concentrate on operations."

Jerome Leray

Founder - Western Aerial Mapping

"As an organization whose core business is contingent upon the application of UAV technology, SiteSee has identified a key need for a UAV management tool capable of minimising risk and enabling efficient operations. We see FlyFreely's management services as providing significant value for our business."

David Crane

Managing Director - SiteSee

Reliable Solutions, Powerful Results

One Service Platform
Enterprise software on a single platform to comprehensively plan, approve and log your flights. Get real time information on your pilots and their operations, conveniently available through an integrated platform.
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FlyFreely - Commercial drone operations made easy
FlyFreely - Commercial drone operations made easy
FlyFreely - Commercial drone operations made easy
Scalable and Cost Effective
Pilot can fly under the FlyFreely Remote Operator's Certificate which saves significant time and money. With provision RPAS manuals, access to insurance and our range of exemptions, your organisation can easily build capacity as it requires greater capability.
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FlyFreely - Commercial drone operations made easy
Compliance as a Service

Safety and risk management are our #1 priorities. We uniquely provide compliance as an ongoing service. Rest assured that all regulatory paperwork and approvals are completely thoroughly, and that you are always up to date with industry-leading documents, procedures and checklists.

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FlyFreely - Commercial drone operations made easy

Our team

David Cole
Founder and CEO
Nigel Sim
Lindsay Allen
Sales and Marketing Manager
Ashley Walker
Chief Remote Pilot
Josh Broom
Chief Trainer
Zoe McIntosh
David Browning