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What is Excluded Category?

When reading the news, you may have noticed a few things being thrown around when it comes to RPAS. This like "The insutry has been de-regulated" or "You can now do what you want if your machine is less than 2kg". You may have even heard of the...

How do I apply for an ReOC

When you are getting ready to operate, you probaberly have already asked yourself if you need an ReOC, and when you answered yes, you now want to know how to apply for one. There are a number of steps involved in applying for an ReOC; below is...

Commonwealth Games 2018 - No Drone Fly Zones

The year ahead is going to hold some pretty exciting events, one of these is the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. But did you realise that these games are not just being held on the Gold Coast? There are also a number of venues around...

Do I need an ReOC?

Soon after finishing your training (or potentially during your training), you probably will ask yourself if you need to apply for an ReOC. This is a complex issue and will depend on a number of factors:

How to become a Drone Pilot?

So you want to become a drone pilot, or you know someone that wants to become a drone pilot? Have you asked yourself how do I become a drone pilot? And have you been confused by everything that is in the media? We make is really simple to become...

Non Standard Operations - Inside RPAS RZ

In standard RPAS operations, we must conduct operations as per the CASA rules and regulations, this means that we must (under normal conditions) operate more than 3 nautical miles (approx. 5.5km) from a controlled aerodrome such as Cairns, Mackay...

What can I do with my drone?

One of the most common questions we have after people have before completing RPAS Training is: What can I do with my drone and what exactly are they good for? Sure - they are a ton of fun, but to consider them as only toys is to miss the true...

How do you get an exemption from CASA?

Getting a CASA Exemption sounds like a lot of work (and it is), so what is involved with getting one? There are a few different things to consider starting with, what part of the regulations do I want an exemption from, such as flying at night,...

Navigating the Complex World of Unmanned Aviation: Part 1

With CASA’s recent introduction of excluded category in September 2016, I set my sights on becoming a commercial RPAS (drone, UAV, UAS, platform – what do we even call them these days?) operator. I only want to fly a DJI Phantom. Why the need for

Fined for taking photos - QLD Corrective Services

So you know the CASA regulations for RPAS, but are you aware of the other pieces of legislation that allow (or restrict) your operations as an RPAS pilot? One operator did not know about such legislation, and it recently got him into some hot...

Powered by FlyFreely 2: Drones go underground!

When someone mentions drones, the last place you'd expect to hear about them is underground. 

Powered by FlyFreely 1: About the size of it!

In our first 'Powered by FlyFreely', we have a case study on something pretty complex. When you have a lot of something stored in a small area, it's important to keep track of it as accurately as possible.

7 Ways Drones Can Benefit Your Business in 2018.

Drones are a hot topic right now, often for all the wrong reasons.


While you may have mixed feelings about them, I’m here to tell you that yo

u shouldn’t!

Sure, in the wrong hands (or more likely, poorly instructed and/or misinformed hands),...

What are Standard Operating Conditions for Drones?

As of September 2016, CASA introduced a number of requirements that are called Standard Operating Conditions; these apply to almost all operations, not just the excluded category. These conditions are defined as:

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