CASA has been issuing fines to more and more remote pilots for conducting operations that are not inline with the regulations. In the latest CASA Briefing Newsletter – March 2018, CASA has stated that they have issued more than $6,210 in fines, with one operator being fined a total of $2,100. The maximum value that CASA can fine you for an infringement is more than $9,000 so all of these operators got off lightly.


The extract below is from the newsletter:


The importance of understanding and always following the drone safety regulations has been highlighted by the latest regulatory infringement notices issued by CASA. Both commercial and recreational drone flyers have been issued penalties for breaching the remotely piloted aircraft safety regulations. A person who conducted commercial drone operations - aerial photography – in the Brisbane central business district was issued with fines for a commercial operation without the required approval ($900) and flying over a populous area ($900). Another commercial drone operator in regional Australia was issued with two fines for demonstration flights at an agriculture show – one for operations over a populous area ($1050) and the other for flying within 30 metres of people not associated with the operation ($210). A commercial drone operator in a major regional centre undertaking aerial photography was issued with two fines relating to commercial operations without a required approval ($1050) and flying over a populous area ($1050). A recreational drone flyer at a store opening in Melbourne was fined ($1050) for operating within 30 metres of people not associated with the operation.


How well do you know the regulations? how would you conduct these sorts of operations safely, compliant with the regulations? You can start by only operating within the Standard Operating Conditions, do an RePL Course, and operate under an ReOC. Some of these infringements could have been avoided by following proper processes, seeking exemptions or instruments and operating under an ReOC.

We can offer you a system so that you can operate in similar locations, but have the right processes, procedures and when required, the right exemptions and instruments in place. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you and ensure that your avoid these fines.