When we bring on interesting clients, we like to show what they are doing. InFarm is no exception to this, and they are building the leading edge of agricultral technologies. We have been working closely with InFarm since mid 2015 to assist them with their projects. Their current flagship project is being able to detect fallow weeds.

That is to say, they can detect where weeds are on fields that are yet to be planted with a crop. But they go further, InFarm is able to produce a series of files that can be plugged into automated tractors, allowing the automatic spraying of the weeds in the field. This saves the farmer time, chemicals, and can provide quick and easy quality controls to ensure that the chemicals being applied are effective at controlling the issue.


The image below is a visualisation of the system working:

Fallow Weed Detection.png

The red outlines are where the system has detected the weeds, note that it has not outlined any of the dead plant material.


When we first meet with InFarm, they had their own ReOC application in with CASA, at that time they were informed of approx 6 months between when the application was lodged and when the would have an assessor provided, InFarm was going to come on while their application was being processed (for only 6 months). In less than a week, we had the personnel from InFarm up and running. That is to say, they came to us, we did an induction, check flight and they were out flying commercial operations within a week. By the time the assessor was assiged to their application, InFarm decided to cancel the application with CASA and maintain the working relationship with us. This is a similar story to a number of our clients.


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