The year ahead is going to hold some pretty exciting events, one of these is the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. But did you realise that these games are not just being held on the Gold Coast? There are also a number of venues around Queensland that will be hosting these games. This includes locations in:

  • Cairns;
  • Townsville;
  • Brisbane;
  • Gold Coast;


As well as a number of other locations throughout Queensland. The airspace around the each of the venues to be used by during the Commonwealth Games is going to be classified as a “Temporary Restricted Airspace” (TRA) that is to say, that drone operations are not permitted or to be conducted within this airspace without prior approval from the controlling authority; this includes all recreational operations.


The ceiling of the TRA in most of the locations is 1,000ft Above Ground Level (AGL) meaning that even if you wanted to fly above the TRA, you would not be able to legally (operations are to be flown at a maximum altitude of 400ft AGL).


This image below shows the TRA specifically for the Townsville location:



The shaded red area displays the airspace that is within 3NM (nautical miles) of the Townsville aerodrome (YBTL) or as we say, it is within the RPAS RZ. The red ring shows the TRA up to an altitude of 1,000ft AGL. This is centred on the Townsville Convention Centre.


This TRA covers almost all of the Port of Townsville and much of the suburb surrounding it, excluding even recreational operators from flying at a location such as Victoria Park. The time period that this will be active is from 00:01am 10th of April, through to the 15th of April at 6:00pm (Local time).


You can download the TRA to review here: 


Disclaimer: The graphical representations may not be completely accurate, please refer to official publications, charts and approved documentation prior to using this information for an operation.