Getting a CASA Exemption sounds like a lot of work (and it is), so what is involved with getting one? There are a few different things to consider starting with, what part of the regulations do I want an exemption from, such as flying at night, or closer than 30m from people not involved in the operation. And then you need to decide on where you want to conduct the operation. The basic outline of what you need to do is as follows:


  1. Decide on the section of the regulations that you need to gain an exemption for;
  2. Create a safety case (risk assessments, procedures, as well as checks and balances) that cover the specifics of the operation;
  3. If other people are in your organisation, create training material for them;
  4. Fill in and submit an Area Approval to CASA with supporting documentation;

After this, CASA may come back with some changes for you to make, or an instrument.


All of this can be quiet overwhelming and be a lengthy task to undertake on your own. One of the hardest components to writing the application to CASA is trying to figure out what is required such as what knowledge you as a pilot need to have, or the skills that are required to undertake such an operation.


There are good resources online to assist you (such as this blog!) with the specific topics such as night operations or how to be able to operate safely within 30m of people. By the end of the process you will have spent a considerable amount of time to develop out your processes and procedures. If you are finding it difficult obtain the instrument, or are stuck for what you need to do, drop us a line and we would be happy to chat with you about your operation.


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