When someone mentions drones, the last place you’d expect to hear about them is underground. 


But that’s exactly where one of our pilots went!


Powered by FlyFreely’s robust risk management system and partnering with CSIRO, pilots conducted test flights using Data 61‘s cutting-edge Hovermap system.


Hovermap is a LiDAR based system that uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping) to generate a very accurate and detailed 3D point cloud of the environment that we operate over or inside of. Hovermap is impressive in that allows drone operators to deliver valuable 3D information to engineers and planners, accurately and rapidly.


Other projects that have utilized the Hovermap system include a GNSS denied environment, with very little room for manoeuvrability and a very small margin for error. This type of environment will eventually be the perfect location for Hovermap’s real time SLAM, collision avoidance and navigation/guidance capacity through integration with the autopilot, assisting pilot to conduct underground inspections.


The future applications of Hovermap are exciting. It can deliver large amounts of data for aerial surveying and asset inspection projects, and is now being used by XM2 to generate highly detailed digital models for video production. The future looks bright for Hovermap!