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What are the alternatives to getting an ReOC?

We have previously discussed if you need an ReOC, as well as how to apply for your own ReOC. You may now be wondering if there is an alternative to gaining your own ReOC.

Commonwealth Games 2018 - No Drone Fly Zones

The year ahead is going to hold some pretty exciting events, one of these is the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. But did you realise that these games are not just being held on the Gold Coast? There are also a number of venues around...

What can I do with my drone?

One of the most common questions we have after people have before completing RPAS Training is: What can I do with my drone and what exactly are they good for? Sure - they are a ton of fun, but to consider them as only toys is to miss the true...

What are Standard Operating Conditions for Drones?

As of September 2016, CASA introduced a number of requirements that are called Standard Operating Conditions; these apply to almost all operations, not just the excluded category. These conditions are defined as:

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