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What is Excluded Category?

When reading the news, you may have noticed a few things being thrown around when it comes to RPAS. This like "The industry has been de-regulated" or "You can now do what you want if your machine is less than 2kg". You may have even heard of the...

How to become a Drone Pilot?

So you want to become a drone pilot, or you know someone that wants to become a drone pilot? Have you asked yourself how do I become a drone pilot? And have you been confused by everything that is in the media? We make is really simple to become...

Navigating the Complex World of Unmanned Aviation: Part 1

With CASA’s recent introduction of excluded category in September 2016, I set my sights on becoming a commercial RPAS (drone, UAV, UAS, platform – what do we even call them these days?) operator. I only want to fly a DJI Phantom. Why the need for

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