We have previously discussed if you need an ReOC, as well as how to apply for your own ReOC. You may now be wondering if there is an alternative to gaining your own ReOC.


If you have decided gaining your own ReOC is too difficult for you because it has too many overheads, too much responsibility, and too much liability. You will start to wonder if there are any alternatives to an ReOC. That is where FlyFreely comes in, there are three different methods that our clients utilise our services.


The first is to operate under our ReOC with our procedures, policies, and software platform. The second method is maintaining their own ReOC, documents and processes while using our system to ensure they are compliant. In addition, they are able to utilise our ReOC when they need to conduct operations outside the Standard Operating Conditions. The final way, is to operate under Standard Operating Conditions and use our software platform to ensure that you are compliant.


By running under our ReOC, you have the knowledge of entering a matured system that is setting the industry standards. This also includes access to our exemptions (additional training permitting) as well as letting us handle everything that you do not want to. We can even apply on your behalf for additional exemptions that you need access to, ensuring that you are able to deliver to your clients the your highest value, without having to worry about the nitty gritty details of gaining an exemption.


The second method is using their own ReOC to ensure that they have full control, but they have the ability to ask for assistance when required. They are also using the platform to assist them in ensuring that they are compliant with their operations. Some of these clients also take advantage of our internal training such as Night Operations to ensure their pilots are ready for the next set of operations.


Even if you elect to continue to operate under Standard Operating Conditions, we can assist you to ensure that you are compliant, and when you need to step up to non-standard operating conditions, you are capable and ready. Our platform is being rapidly built out to assist operators of any size.


So your alternatives to gaining your own ReOC are: to operate under someone else’s, or to operate under Standard Operating Conditions only in the Excluded Category.