Operations and Compliance Automation

Designed from the ground up, the Flyfreely platform streamlines and automates the labour-intensive planning, approval, execution and reconciliation phases of a mission. Features include:

Mission Planning

Single Page Planning

Everything you need to plan a mission in one simple to use form. No more switching between apps.

Rule Driven Workflows

Select from rule-driven workflows to change the forms, checklists and procedures required for the mission, no matter how complex it is.

Rule Driven Airspace Check

Instantly check operation feasibility with the airspace check tool. Fully integrated with NOTAM services for an accuracte airspace picture.

Drawing Tools

Draw flights areas, hazards, mark pilot locations plus much more to quickly and clearly communicate the plan to everybody involved.

Airspace and Ground Data

View relevant air and ground data, including no fly zones, danger areas, parks, electricity networks, all in one place. Spend less time looking up charts or using additional apps to check airspace.

Aerodrome and NOTAM Data

View relevant aerodrome and NOTAM information. Reduce the number of websites and apps you need to access to get the right information.

Dummy Missions

Create dummy missions to learn to use and test the platform, without affecting any recorded flight times.

Mission Approval

Approver Chat

Real-time chat between the mission planner and mission approver. Eliminate lost communication and email chains.

Approval Conditions

Add approval conditions which must be acknowledged by the Remote Pilot prior to starting. Be confident every Remote Pilot understands their compliance and safety obligations.

Approver Checklists

Customise the approval checklist which approvers must follow. Be confident every approval is being checked for the right things, every time.

Mission Execution

Dedicated Field App

Dedicated mobile app that enables Remote Pilots to fill out documentation and record relevant data while in the field. Be confident every Remote Pilot is following the correct process, every time.

Flight Log Capture

Automatically upload flight logs from your flight controller or cloud service for analysis. Reduce the time it takes to update all data in the system.

Work Offline

Work offline, even in the most remote areas, and synchronise data when internet connection next becomes available. Ensure compliance, even when working remotely.

Mission Reconciliation

Reconciliation Tools

Quickly and easily reconcile what happened in the field with what was planned. Flight details are automatically populated if using flight log capture. Manually create or override flights as necessary. Once complete, finalise the mission to make the record immutable.

Flight Log Analyser

FlyFreely’s log analyser extracts all key information relating to the flight and overlays it on a base map to show abnormal deviations.

Regulator Reporting

Generate stylish regulator-ready reports for mission, RPAs and people. Be ready for the next audit, be it internal or external.

Fully Customisable

Being former commercial drone operators, we understand the complexity of the drone industry and how every mission has unique requirements. For this reason, we built the entire FlyFreely platform to be fully customisable, allowing you to build exactly what you need for your use case.

Authority Management

Organisational Authorities

Manage regulator-issued documents such as certificates, waivers and approvals. Integrate any company-specific policies, procedures, or other specific requirements.

Personal Authorities

Manage documents issued to individuals such as licenses, inductions, training and identifications. Ensure required renewals occur on time, every time.

RPA Authorities

RPA authorities are used to manage items such as registration and certificates of airworthiness, to keep your fleet compliant.

Workflow Management

Authority Workflows

Specify which forms and checklists are triggered at different stages, depending on which authority is being used. This is the most effective way to ensure you remain compliant with applicable rules and regulations, every time.

RPA Workflows

Build RPA model-specific workflows that will be triggered when that RPA type is used. RPA Workflows can also be varied based on Authority selected. Your pilots will always get the right checklists in the field , limiting human errors and saving time.

Mission Workflows

Use one or combine multiple Authority Workflows to build standard operating procedures for your organisation. Be confident that the correct procedures are being followed, every time.

Form Management

Form Builder

Our proprietary form builder enables you to replicate existing paper forms. Choose from more than 10 different controls to make checklists, risk assessments, and JSA's, to suit your unique needs.

Form Version Control

All forms are version controlled. Work on a new version without affecting current operations. Roll back to an earlier version if needed. Be confident everybody is using the current and approved version of the form.

Advanced Form Controls

Utilise advanced form controls such as calculated fields, conditional logic and pre-filled responses to take your forms to the next level. Replicate any existing paper form with ease.

Register Management

Register Builder

Build Remote Pilot and RPA Registers using personal and RPA authorities. Choose which documents require acknowledgement as part of your unique workflow.

Register Conditions

Set conditions on registers to define which authorities are mandatory to be active on a register and which authorities may be optional.

Register Enforcement

Register status can be enforced automatically or manually overridden for full flexibility.

Operational Oversight

Maintain oversight and control of all operations with critical tools and features that enable Chief Remote Pilots and Drone Program Managers to access all the relevant information they need to ensure consistency across all operations.

Mission Management

Incident Reporting

The platform includes a complete incident reporting system from report creation, to review and resolution.

Immutable Records

To provide a high level of data integrity, once a mission has been finalised it cannot be modified.

Location Templates

Maintain a library of frequently used locations to ensure consistency across operations and minimise time spent planning.

RPAS Management

RPA Management

Control the complete lifecycle of an RPA from creation of initial record through to retirement. See a complete flight and maintenance history. Leverage the inbuilt database of RPA Types to ensure consistency.

Battery Management

Manage the lifecycle of your all your batteries with ease. Create sets of batteries to simplify management. Select your battery type from our library or create your own.

Equipment Management

Track and manage the payloads, antennas and ground control stations you own.

Maintenance Management

FlyFreely includes a complete maintenance system that manages the lifecycle of every RPAS. The system even allows individual component time to be tracked.

Bulk Import

Bulk import RPA, Batteries and Equipment from CSV to slash the time it takes to setup your account.

RPA Sharing

Share RPAs across organisations to enable new ways of working. Ensure the ownership of the RPA is correctly reflected in the platform records.

Personnel Management

Remote Pilot Log

Ensure every Remote Pilot has a complete and consistent log by automatically aggregating flights across organisations.

Role-Based Permissions

Assign role-based permissions to control who can view, plan, approve and execute missions.

Document Acknowledgment

Set which documents are required to be a acknowledged by a Remote Pilots before they can fly.

Organisation Management

Multi-Organisation Relationships

Establish relationships between parent and child organisations for reporting rollup. See all operations, resources and activity in one place across the whole organisation.


Enable multiple jurisdictions for organisations working across multiple countries.

Authority Sharing

Share authorities between organisations to ensure 3rd parties comply with your requirements.

Setup, Support and Migration

The process of correctly setting up a drone management platform has been difficult and time consuming in the past. We have pre-built a default configuration to give you everything you need to be operating with regulator compliant workflows in under 10 minutes. We make the whole process of adopting the FlyFreely platform painless by also overseeing migration and providing ongoing user support.

Rapid Account Setup

Inbuilt libraries and documents

We maintain a library of locally relevant regulations, RPAS specifications and manuals to all users. Say goodbye to having to define every model of drone you use.

Inbuilt authorities and workflows

We include inbuilt common regulatory authorities and workflows as part of the platform. These pre-defined workflows enable you to get started quickly, right out of the box.

Inbuilt forms and checklist

We also have a series of commonly used forms and checklists which align with regulatory requirements to reduce the time it takes to get started.

User Support

In-App Chat

Utilise our in-app chat support system to obtain rapid answers to any questions you may have.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base of written articles provides in-depth instructions for various aspects of the platform.

Enhanced Help

FlyFreely has an inbuilt enhanced help system that is available throughout the app to give you practical hints and tips.

Migration and Transition Support

Data Migration

Have data from an existing electronic system you need imported? Not a problem. Talk to us about options to bring your existing data across.

Operations Manual Updates

If you need to update your manuals as part of the migration, we can support you through this process. Already included for Business and Enterprise customers.

Subscription Transition

Want to adopt the FlyFreely platform but have an existing subscription you are paying for? We can offset the cost of your FlyFreely subscription to ensure you don't pay twice.