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The FlyFreely Fast-Track

Step 1: Pilot Training and Licensing

The first step in becoming a FlyFreely Business or Enterprise subscriber is to make sure your pilots are appropriately trained and qualified.


We have developed a licensing system that works on endorsements that goes beyond the regulators standards.

The fastest way to achieve the basic endorsements is through FlyFreely's integrated RePL training program, which will give you everything you need to be a confident, competent, and responsible drone pilot.


If you have received RePL training from another provider, you will be required to undergo a comprehensive flight assessment to ensure you meet FlyFreely's high standards.




FlyFreely - legal, safe, commercial UAV / RPA / Drone operations
FlyFreely - Commercial Drones Made Simple
Step 2: Craft Assessment and Registration

Every craft on FlyFreely needs to be assessed and registered. FlyFreely currently supports over 20 different model craft which vary in type and weight.


New craft that are of a model which is already on the system are automatically accepted. All DJI products are currently supported. Custom craft or can also be added at additional costs.





Step 3: Mission Planning and Approval

All mission planning is performed through our custom built web-based software. Once missions are planned they are sent through to us for review and approval.


Once approved you can perform your mission with the knowledge you will be protected by FlyFreely and be operating at the highest industry standards.





FlyFreely - Commercial Drones Made Easy

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