Organisation Primary Authorities

When setting up an organisation in the platform you will need to define which flight rules you will be operating under. Primary Authorities determine which regulations, or rulesets as we call them, will be available. These provide the legal basis for operations. Some Primary Authorities will automatically be created, while others will require you to obtain a certificate or licence from the regulator.

RulesetPrimary Authroity Long NamePrimary Authority Short Name
Part 102Unmanned Aircraft Operator CertificateUAOC
Part 101Part 101 Operations-

Personal Authorities

Personal authorities are connected to an individual’s profile to record things like licenses, certificates, identifiers and inductions.

When setting up a personal profile you will be prompted to supply some of these details, if you have them.

Personal Authority Full Name Personal Authority Short Name
Part 101 Training - Certificate of Achievement-
Part 102 Training - Certificate of Achievement-
Participant Number-