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Operating under the Excluded Category Rules

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Excluded Category Operations

CASA Allows certain commercial RPA operations to be conducted without requiring the operator to hold a remote pilot licence (RePL) or remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC). Formerly known as Excluded RPA but more commonly known as ‘sub 2kg’ or ‘excluded category’, the rules allow for RPAs under 2kg to be operated commercially under standard operating conditions (see the CASA website for more information).

The excluded category can be useful to operators flying sub 2kg RPAs on relatively simple missions (real estate photography is a good example) where you aren’t flying in controlled airspace and don’t require any other approvals for your mission.

Organisations using the FlyFreely platform for their RPA operations may choose to fly some (or all) of their missions under the excluded category. The basic process is as follows:

  • Submit an excluded category notification via the CASA website and save CASA’s confirmation.
  • Add the ‘Excluded RPA Notification (Company)’ authority to your organisation’s account and upload the confirmation document created in the previous step.

Notifying CASA

To begin, you need to submit an excluded category notification with CASA. (Note: You will need to have an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) to complete the notification form. If you don’t already have an ARN, you can apply for one here).

If you’re a sole operator (a business owner flying your own RPA) , you can simply notify CASA of your intention to fly using the second option (organisation).

For organisations with multiple Remote Pilots, the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) state that you must submit a notification for your business, and also for each Remote Pilot individually.

Next, select the area/s in which you intend to operate. You can select a single location (for example, if you’re always flying in the same area) or multi-select up to 50 locations using the checkbox option on the left.

Select the RPA category/s you intend to operate. You can multi-select several (or all) categories if required.

Once you’ve selected your notification type, location/s and RPA category/s, you can submit your form. In response you will receive a “RPAS Notification – Confirmation” email from CASA, advising of your completed notification.

Now that you have completed the notification process, you can add an excluded category Authority in the FlyFreely app, and create a mission workflow based on the excluded category rules.

Click here for more information on Authorities. For assistance in setting up addition workflows, please contact us!


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