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Excluded Category Operations

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CASA Allows certain commercial RPA operations to be conducted without requiring the operator to hold a remote pilot license (RePL) or remotely piloted aircraft operator’s certificate (ReOC). The excluded category can be useful to operators flying sub 2kg RPAs on relatively simple missions (real estate photography is a good example) which aren’t taking place in controlled airspace and don’t require any other approvals. Other uses include the operation of sub-25kg RPAs when flying over your own land. Please see the CASA website for more information.

Organisations using the FlyFreely platform for their RPA operations may choose to fly some or all of their missions under the excluded category. The basic setup process is as follows:

  • Register your RPA via the myCASA portal.
  • Ensure all relevant pilots hold a RePL, or undertake and pass the ‘Operator Accreditation’ exam.
  • Upload your accreditation and registration details into the relevant authorities in FlyFreely.

Register Your RPA

 To operate under excluded category rules, you need to first register your RPA via the myCASA portal. The registration process only takes a few minutes and there’s currently no fee for registration. For instructions on registering your RPAs, please see our help article.

Once you’ve completed the registration, you’ll be able to download a copy of your registration certificate. We’ll use this when adding the authority in the FlyFreely platform.  

Obtain RPA Operator Accreditation

(For non RePL holders)

The Operator Accreditation is also conducted via the myCASA portal. The requirements are similar to the above registration step, except that you’ll need to complete a multiple choice exam to receive your accreditation certificate. Once you’ve completed the exam, download your certificate for upload into FlyFreely.

For information on the RPA Operator Accreditation exam, please see our help article.

Set up Registers

As per the instructions in the previous two articles, the last part of the setup process is to populate the relevant registers.

These appear under the Excluded Category authority and you’ll need to update both registers:

  • Remote Pilot Register
  • RPA Register

For instructions on setting up your registers, please see our help article.


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