True Workflow Flexibility

Our software adapts to our client’s processes rather than clients having to adapt to our software. Experience true flexibility, regardless of your operational model, when managing internal and external drone teams.

Platform Features

Jurisdiction, Authority and Workflow System

FlyFreely’s unique Jurisdiction, Authority and Workflow System allows you to build fully tailored workflows based on your local regulatory requirements while integrating organisation specific requirements such as inductions, forms and checklists.

Safety and Risk Management Tools

Create and integrate your safety procedures, including fully customised Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and Risk Assessments, with our flexible mission workflow builder to ensure consistent and regulated safe operations. Make use of our intuitive mission approval process, with Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) and administrative oversight.

Visual Planning Tools

Draw your area of operation and see surrounding airspace to understand specific risks in your area of operation.

Automatic Flight Logging

Simplify and automate operations in the field with automated flight logging to capture all flight telemetry and battery information.

Custom Reports

FlyFreely’s reporting building capability enables us to develop reports based on your existing document templates. This makes the task of switching to full electronic systems easy as all documents remain familiar to all users.



  • Single Pilot Only
  • Personal log book for life
  • Flight Log Syncing via Field App
  • Mission Planning Tools
  • Pre-Set Workflows
  • Pre-Set Authorities
  • Basic Reporting
  • Access in app chat, support videos and knowledge base


  • Discounts for Multi-user/Annual Payments
  • All Individual features plus:
  • RPA Sharing
  • Mission Approval Tools
  • Customisable Workflows
  • Customisable Authorities
  • Standard Compliance Reports
  • Onboarding and support via key personel


  • Custom Pricing
  • All Business features plus:
  • Authority Sharing
  • API integrations to existing systems
  • RPA Model Specific Workflows
  • Multiple Jurisdiction Support
  • Custom Reports
  • Onsite training, dedicated support contact person, bulk user & historical data import

Connect with the rest of the business

A drone program does not exist in isolation to the rest of the business. The FlyFreely Platform has been built to connect with any 3rd party system through our API. This can be anything, from sending mission requests originating in a quoting or form system, through to communicating with specialised data processors and even existing ERP systems. With FlyFreely you can build a complete end-to-end drone solution that turns drones into an integral part of your business.

Platform Benefits

Peace of Mind

The FlyFreely Platform was built to ensure that, regardless of who is flying on behalf of your organisation, employees or 3rd party contractors, you can be confident they are operating within your company’s risk management framework and local regulatory requirements.

Operational Efficiency

Our Platform helps automated tasks such as planning missions, performing risk assessments, obtaining approvals, filling in checklists and automating the capture of flight logs. It all means less time filling in paperwork and more time flying.

Adapt to Existing Processes

Every established drone program has existing processes and procedures designed to maintain regulatory compliance and operational effectiveness. Our Platform has been built from the ground up to adapt to your requirements, not the other way around.

Why Choose FlyFreely

Proven, global drone operations software

Our platform is designed for teams anywhere in the world and offers a comprehensive, flexible, and intuitive operations workflow. We're dedicated to working with our clients and partners to understand the nuances of drone operations and provide a platform that can adapt to changing regulatory environments, whether you're operating in Asia, Europe, North America, or across countries.

A partner for building robust, resilient and agile drone programs

Our platform isn’t just a one-size-fits-all application that you are left to your own devices to figure out. Work directly with our experienced team, who understands the challenges of scaling and maintaining drone operations, to ensure our platform’s setup is built specifically to make your team’s use of FlyFreely fast, valuable, efficient, -and easily modifiable as your processes evolve.

Dedicated Onboarding

Walk through your existing process with our team, and we’ll help set up your FlyFreely account instance, provide input on best practices, and show you how to easily change and adapt the platform as your process changes.

A Consultation Partner

Our account managers don’t just help with onboarding and training. They’re industry-savvy partners who can help you grow your drone program with recommendations about platforms, sensors, and 3rd party solutions.


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