Certified RePL Training

Four Day

$2,900 (GST Free)


Are you looking to become a certified UAV, RPA or Drone Pilot?

Take flight faster with FlyFreely


We offer high-quality, fixed-price certified RePL training that gets you commercially operational in days, not months.

We offer high-quality, fixed-price certified RePL training that gets you commercially operational in days, not months.

With FlyFreely you’ll enjoy the unique benefits of:
  • Live online training
  • Fixed-price practical training that comes to you at no extra cost
  • The flexibility of mixing and matching your training days

Our RePL Training Course qualifies you for a Remote Pilots License Level 1 and Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate, plus you’ll gain practical experience on your class of aircraft, ensuring you have the all the skills required to operate professionally at the end of the course.


Our course uses the latest technologies to ensure that you start your journey to becoming a high-quality UAV pilot, readying you for commercial operations straight away. All of our instructors are experienced commercial RePL operators, and many have manned aircraft experience.

Fly Commercially with FlyFreely

Even with an RePL, you still need to have an ReOC - or operate under one - before you can fly commercially beyond the Standard Operating Conditions, and that can be a costly and drawn out process with a high level of liability and risk.
At FlyFreely, we offer pilots all of the benefits of operating under an ReOC, without the added stress and costs of dealing with approvals, exemptions, risks and insurance.
We take care of virtually all of the critical details required prior to a commercial operation so you can focus on more important things, like flying your drone.



As part of our course, you’ll learn all the basics of aviation, including:

  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Aerodynamics
  • NavigationPerformanceAir Law and;
  • How to plan a successful and safe RPAS mission

Plus, we’ll  provide you with all the tools to start building your own EFB (Electronic Flight Bag) for REPL Operations.

Our next round of RePL training runs from December 4-7 and is available online or in Townsville.

Course starts from $2,900.00 GST Free with all graduates obtaining:
  • Remote Pilot License Level 1 (RPL1);
  • Aeronautical Radio Operators Certificate (AROC)
For alternate dates and locations, check out our schedule or for more information contact us today.

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All students are required to hold an Aviation Reference Number (ARN). If you don’t currently hold one, we can help you get one -  we’ll even do your English Language Proficiency test at no additional cost so there’s no problems with your CASA paperwork.